Every year Dubrovnik is getting more and more popular and a highly desired destination for many travellers all over the world. Popularity is bounded to various factors, but the city certainly enlarged its fame by being the host of world famous serial Game of Thrones and latest Star Wars movie. However it is not only Hollywood that brings fans to Dubrovnik.Dubrovnik-25

Thanks to filming crew from India and their movie “Fan” starring with the most popular Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan, Dubrovnik is now welcoming more curious tourists from India and Asia increasing the number of a new profile of visitors – movie fans.

Good thing is that tourists attracted to Dubrovnik by their favourite films or actors also leave with a fulfilling experience of having seen the most beautiful city along the Adriatic.

Shah Rukh Khan in action. Fan was filming in Old Port Dubrovnik and roof tops of the city.

Besides the positive propaganda of ‘star industry’ opening to eastern markets marks a milestone as from May 10th 2016 Dubrovnik directly connects to Istanbul. Turkish Airline will not only fly guests from Turkey but will connect Dubrovnik with Asia, Australia and eastern part of United States. Furthermore Dubrovnik was recently presented at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai where over 2,800 world destinations were showcased during a four day period attracting over 26,000 professionals from travel and tourism industry.