Croatia Packing List


When taking a trip to Croatia it is important to pack the right things to make your holiday a success.  Other than the obvious list of clothing and toiletries there are a few things that are especially useful when visiting the Croatian coast.  Below is a short suggested packing list:


Sunblock with a high SPF as the sun can be very strong in Croatia, especially during the summer months.


Water shoes are very useful as much of the swimming in Dubrovnik is done from rocky beaches or just large jagged rocks leading down to the sea.  Water shoes will enable you to be more adventurous and explore more unique swimming locations.  They are even useful at the most calm beaches as getting in and out of the water can be difficult when balancing on round, slippery rocks.  Water shoes can be purchased in Dubrovnik at various shops.  Prices range from just 50 Kuna in Cavtat to 200 Kuna in some shops in the Old Town.


Mosquito repellent is very important for those that generally get attacked by bugs.  Mosquitoes are ubiquitous along the Croatian coast, especially in the hot and humid summer months.  It is especially important to use when going out in the evening to dine al fresco.


Electrical plug adapters are necessary for any electrical devices such as cell phone chargers, laptop computers, or personal grooming devices.  The electricity is 220 V as in all of Europe and the plugs are of the 2-prong variety seen in most of Continental Europe.  If traveling from the UK or Ireland you will only need a simple adapter so that your plugs fit into the electrical outlets.  If traveling from North America you will need to check that your devices are compatible with the 220 V system or they will be ruined when plugged in.  Most mobile phone chargers and computer power cords are universal for 110 V ~ 240 V (meaning they will work in both North America and Europe) but most personal grooming devices such as hair dryers and electrical shavers are not.  For these you will have to bring a special voltage converter which can be quite bulky and heavy.