We often get the question “Should I use Euro or Kuna in Croatia?”.  Kuna is the official currency in Croatia and is most widely used.  Larger items such as villa or apartment rentals, car rentals, tours, and transfers are often priced in Euro, but can usually be paid for in either Euro or Kuna.  Local businesses such as restaurants and shops price in Kuna and most only accept Kuna.  Some restaurants, shops, and cafes in popular tourist areas such as Dubrovnik’s Old Town will accept Euro, but generally at a poor exchange rate.  Very few, if any, businesses accept British Pounds or U.S. Dollars.


Visitors to Croatia can get Kuna from ATM machines at all the major airports and at banks in city centers throughout Croatia.  Most airports and cities also have exchange offices that will exchange a variety of currencies (and travelers’ checks) for Kuna.  However, the best rates are usually obtained at ATM machines.