Korčula is an island in Southern Dalmatia, across the Pelješac Peninsula. It is the second most populated Croatian island, with about 16,000 people. The largest towns are Korčula in the northeast, Blato in the central, inner part and Vela Luka in the west of the island. According to the legend, it was first settled by the Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC, but the island had been populated in the Stone Age. Its later inhabitants were Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, before the arrival of Croats. The island is known for its tourism, agriculture and fishing, as well for its rich cultural heritage (many archeological findings from all periods, the Moreška sword dance, and the Korkyra Baroque Festival). The notable people are Marco Polo (the town of Korčula) and the prominent singer-songwriter Oliver Dragojević (Vela Luka).