Makarska is a town in central Dalmatia, in the wider Split area. It is a centre of the famous tourist region Makarska Riviera, and has the population of 13,834. Squeezed between the crystal-clear sea and the magnificent mountain Biokovo in its immediate vicinity, it offers something for everyone. Go to the nearby town of Brela for the most beautiful beaches (in the Forbes’ Best Summer Beaches 2004 list) and Tučepi for cultural and gastronomic events. The Biokovo (the highest point 1,762 m/5,781 ft) is a great destination for hikers, with its beautiful karst landscape and a stunning view of the nearby islands (in a very clear weather, you can even see parts of Italy!). There is also the Biokovo Nature Park. However, the climb is difficult and dangerous for inexperienced hikers – don’t go there in flip-flops, like many foreign tourists, risking their life and giving search and rescue teams more work to do! There`s plenty of accommodation throughout the Riviera for all tastes and budgets – hotels, hostels, private accommodation and camps.