It is time of the year when many of us feel the pressure to run around looking for presents. Sometimes it becomes a real challenge to find suitable gifts for our beloved ones, yet trying shows how much we truly care. Now there are also those, who instead of buying presents decide to wrap a trip around the Christmas tree and travel to a new destination to celebrate Christmas and New Year as a joyful and memorable holiday.

Christmas time in Dubrovnik

Swinging bells and angels are illuminating along the streets, decorations are set up on Mediterranean trees and Old Town gracefully glows in the evenings as the Adriatic reflects sparkles on its calm surface – it is difficult not to notice, it’s Christmas time. Dubrovnik is quiet during winter season, yet Christmas brings life to the town in a special way. Presenting mild temperatures, visitors may enjoy the winter festival in a warm ambience. For those who insist on snow and ice, for  the first time an ice skating rink has been set up in Old Town harbour, where snow (almost real) would eventually fall. Also each year the Konavle region presents a series of programs in a few day length Christmas festival –introducing delicate local dishes, wines and a great atmosphere, this event should not be missed.

Winter Festival 2014

Hedera-Estate has prepared for winter season offering holiday packages at beautiful and convenient locations. Hedera A31 situated in the heart of Old own just one minute walk from main street Stradun is an ideal nest for two people. While the combination of Hedera A31 and the neighbouring apartment spacious Hedera A5, could be the perfect Christmas holiday option for a large family. Apartments Hedera S7 and Hedera A4 overlooking beautiful Uvala Lapad are both enjoying an attractive location, being 15 minutes walking distance from Dubrovnik Palace Hotel which offers one of the nicest wellness & spa centre in the region.

Fireworks at New Year’s Eve

The last days of 2014 should bring plenty of entertainment. Live concerts by local musicians are scheduled to be held on Stradun, and famous Estrada singer Severina should perform at night club Revelin on New Year’s Eve. For those who would like to enjoy the winter holidays with a pleasant sea breeze by the Adriatic offering a variety of programs, Dubrovnik presents an interesting option. Come and see how one of the most popular summer destination pulls on the winter boots and creates a bit of magic for everyone.