Samobor is a town near Zagreb (20 km/12 mi) and the Slovenian border (5 km/3 mi). Located in a region of beautiful and preserved nature, it is a popular weekend destination for people from Zagreb. The town is known for its baroque centre, various delicacies (the cakes Samoborska kremšnita and rudarska greblica, the spiced wine Samoborski bermet, the local types of salami and garlic sausages) and the colorful February carnival. For a perfect Saturday, have some Samoborske kremšnite (Samobor cremeschnittes) at any of the high-quality patisseries in the old town while enjoying its relaxed vibe, baroque architecture and the waters of the Gradna, preferably if it’s sunny. The nearby mountain ranges, the Samoborsko gorje and the adjacent Žumberačko gorje, are a hiking paradise because of their lush greenery and beautiful vineyards. The latter destinations prove the fact that Samobor is one of the leading Croatian towns and cities in ecological standards and sustainable development.