Dubrovnik is a city where you can feel the whiffs of spring already in early March. Days get longer, the sea becomes warmer and it is also time when first stronger rays of the sun appear. This year in March not only spring awakens in Dubrovnik, but the force as well.

Galactic frontage set up behind Dominican Monastery

Dubrovnik represents the filming location for Star Wars Episode VIII part of Star Wars sequel trilogy. Old Town is under siege of filming crews from 9th till 17th March 2016 and if only for a short while main street Stradun transforms into a new universe. Shop and souvenir doorways have been modified with special panels to fit into scenarios of a new world in the galaxy while behind Dominican Monastery an amusing galactic frontage has been set up.

Shooting began. In Episode VIII Old Town Dubrovnik foreseen as a ‘new world’ in the galaxy.

Whether you are star wars fan or not, spring time in Dubrovnik offers something for everyone. The city is less crowded and main attractions such as city walls, museums, cable car can be visited in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Overall 2016 Easter Holidays attracts with several activities, restaurants offer fresh oysters in March, don’t miss the Mediterranean fair organised in Babin Kuk where healthy local produced food shall be presented from various parts of Croatia. Furthermore you can gain an insight of catholic local traditions, be seduced by Easter’s favourite semi sweet bread ‘Pinca’, or just simply enjoy the sun in one of Old Town’s coffee bars – whichever activity you decide may the force be with you.

Mediterranean fair will be organised in Babin Kuk between March 17.-20.2016 Healthy foods are to be represented from all over Croatia.