Robin Hood: Origins Filmed in Dubrovnik

After Game of Thrones, Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and the Bollywood movie Fan, Dubrovnik continues to be a great destination for movie crews. The shooting of Robin Hood: Origins started on 2/10 and will last to the beginning of March. The director is Otto Bathurst, while Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers. Taron Egerton is starring, and the cast also consists of Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan, Eve Hewson, Ben Mendelsohn and others. The historical locations such as Stradun, which used to be King’s Landing and some other places, will now take the role of the medieval Nottingham. The movie will depict the early part of Robin Hood`s life, telling us how he became a legend. The release date is 3/23/2018.

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Dubrovnik Festa 2017

Dubrovnik is a magnificent city with rich history and culture, world-known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, more recently, as a place where HBO’s Game of Thrones was filmed. Although it is worth visiting in any part of the year, the Dubrovnik Festa 2017, taking place from 01/26 to 2/2, is one of the best times for that. The whole week of various concerts, exhibitions, and theater plays serves as an introduction to St. Blaise Day (2/3), the Day of the City of Dubrovnik and of its patron saint, when the City is especially vibrant and colorful. The diverse program full of cultural and gastronomic events continues in the following week, until 2/9, to celebrate Dubrovnik’s most important day.

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Attracting Eastern Markets

Every year Dubrovnik is getting more and more popular and a highly desired destination for many travellers all over the world. Popularity is bounded to various factors, but the city certainly enlarged its fame by being the host of world famous serial Game of Thrones and latest Star Wars movie. However it is not only Hollywood that brings fans to Dubrovnik.Dubrovnik-25

Thanks to filming crew from India and their movie “Fan” starring with the most popular Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan, Dubrovnik is now welcoming more curious tourists from India and Asia increasing the number of a new profile of visitors – movie fans.

Good thing is that tourists attracted to Dubrovnik by their favourite films or actors also leave with a fulfilling experience of having seen the most beautiful city along the Adriatic.

Shah Rukh Khan in action. Fan was filming in Old Port Dubrovnik and roof tops of the city.

Besides the positive propaganda of ‘star industry’ opening to eastern markets marks a milestone as from May 10th 2016 Dubrovnik directly connects to Istanbul. Turkish Airline will not only fly guests from Turkey but will connect Dubrovnik with Asia, Australia and eastern part of United States. Furthermore Dubrovnik was recently presented at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai where over 2,800 world destinations were showcased during a four day period attracting over 26,000 professionals from travel and tourism industry.

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The Force Awakens

Dubrovnik is a city where you can feel the whiffs of spring already in early March. Days get longer, the sea becomes warmer and it is also time when first stronger rays of the sun appear. This year in March not only spring awakens in Dubrovnik, but the force as well.

Galactic frontage set up behind Dominican Monastery

Dubrovnik represents the filming location for Star Wars Episode VIII part of Star Wars sequel trilogy. Old Town is under siege of filming crews from 9th till 17th March 2016 and if only for a short while main street Stradun transforms into a new universe. Shop and souvenir doorways have been modified with special panels to fit into scenarios of a new world in the galaxy while behind Dominican Monastery an amusing galactic frontage has been set up.

Shooting began. In Episode VIII Old Town Dubrovnik foreseen as a ‘new world’ in the galaxy.

Whether you are star wars fan or not, spring time in Dubrovnik offers something for everyone. The city is less crowded and main attractions such as city walls, museums, cable car can be visited in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Overall 2016 Easter Holidays attracts with several activities, restaurants offer fresh oysters in March, don’t miss the Mediterranean fair organised in Babin Kuk where healthy local produced food shall be presented from various parts of Croatia. Furthermore you can gain an insight of catholic local traditions, be seduced by Easter’s favourite semi sweet bread ‘Pinca’, or just simply enjoy the sun in one of Old Town’s coffee bars – whichever activity you decide may the force be with you.

Mediterranean fair will be organised in Babin Kuk between March 17.-20.2016 Healthy foods are to be represented from all over Croatia.

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Thinking Smart

Parking your car in Dubrovnik can take much longer than predicted and it is often a nerve breaking experience.  Driving into a parking lot or street and desperately seeking for space is definitely not the dream of anyone visiting the city for the first time. Could it be that the ‘parking struggle era’ has finally ended?

Smart project began in Gruž area Dubrovnik

Work began in Gruž, Obala Stjepana Radića street, by installing the most modern parking sensors in 30 parking spaces. Info screens are planned to be set up on the streets and drivers will be able to use smart phone application which shall provide them with real time information on available parking spots. If you have plans to come to Dubrovnik by car this app will make your life easier, especially during high season. The project enabled by the largest Croatian Telekom company will also introduce a multi-sensor video surveillance and free high speed Wi-Fi band.—better watch out as every move will be recorded.

First in Croatia. Solar smart benches are converting energy to charge electrical equipment, measure humidity and UV levels – all that with trendy design

Besides parking sensors, Dubrovnik is getting “smart” as a local start-up company has introduced first solar smart benches in Croatia. The benches are using solar energy and they are able to charge tablets, phones or even measure humidity and UV levels. Three benches have been set up in Dubrovnik Gruž area, one of them in the park opposite Hedera Estate reception. Now Hedera Estate guests can enjoy the sun and worry-free use their tablets or phones while waiting to check-in, smart right?

Pretty park opposite Hedera Estate reception

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Finding Christmas

At the beginning of December decorations and illuminations show up in various parts of our cities and we slowly start to unite with that familiar pleasant feeling: Christmas is at our doorstep. It is important to mention that as vivid and busy Dubrovnik gets in summer the low-spirited and conservative turns in winter, leaving a sharp contrast between seasons and plenty of unexploited opportunities. glavna.blog.bozicCertainly the goal is not to keep up with Wien or other destinations famous for their impressive Winter-Christmas festivals, but so far Dubrovnik kept winter months simple, perhaps too simple. I visited Old Town in the past few years during winter holidays wishing to be part of Christmas magic but most of the time had to face a rather empty town with few people floating around looking for…well looking for Christmas.

Two examples. Illuminating teddy bear on Stradun Old Town Dubrovnik is very popular. On the right giant Christmas ball blocking the view of Pile gate, tacky?

This winter season (first time ever) city of Dubrovnik decided to put small wooden houses on main street Stradun in Old Town making quiet a controversy from past years. The huts among many others are selling prikle(small doughnuts), sausages, beans, hot wine and beer. Also this year’s Christmas décor and illumination has progressed visibly from previous years; children are joyfully playing around lustrous reindeer or sitting in the lap of an oversized golden teddy bear. Some locals find the huts being placed on Stradun a disgrace and the illumination tacky and tasteless. There are some exaggerated features (such as a giant Christmas ball right on the Pile entrance of Old Town) but overall the town is alive and it’s busier than ever in the past 10 years during this part of the year. What is wrong with a bit of gleam and sparkle once a year? After all it’s Christmas time!

Around 7:30 pm… getting busy on Stradun

In 2015 Hedera Estate enjoyed a successful season and in July has been proudly certified as an integrated hotel. Our reception has dressed up for Christmas season and happy to welcome both local and foreign visitors for a hot chocolate, tea or for a lovely winter stay in one of our cosy apartments and villas.

Hedera Estate Hotel dressed up for winter holidays

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2015: A Year of Discoveries

A New Year has started, but for many of us life continues on the same track without anything out of the ordinary. Often people become so comfortable with their daily routine that they fail to see what the rest of the world has to offer. Some of us try to deny it while many of us simply ignore it; however it is part of human nature to search for the new and unknown. From the very beginning people were constantly discovering new horizons, so why should you stop now? Visiting new countries and cities, meeting different cultures widens perspective and adds a special chapter into your life. Don’t hold back, there is a good excuse for traveling at any stage of life.


At the Hedera Estate apartments and villas we had the opportunity of welcoming brides and grooms, high school reunion groups, families, young students and many other discoverers. Yes, our guests were true discoverers who chose to explore the beauties of the southernmost point of Croatia, Dubrovnik. There are not many places on the world where you can tell that you can walk on ancient city walls, have a coffee at the bottom of a fort and splash into crystal clear sea—all at one location. Dubrovnik is unique, a town where you can reunite with the past and grab unforgettable moments for the future.



Switch off! Involve your friends, family or colleagues and discover Dubrovnik. Waking up with a sea view is not necessarily a prestige anymore. Taste fresh fish, have a glass of Dingač, try local delicacy rozata and walk through the shiny stones of Stradun. Get on a local ferry and stretch out on the nearby islands such as Lopud or Koločep, or simply stare into the blue Adriatic. The decision is up to you, and let us handle the rest. At Hedera-Estate we offer beautiful accommodations for every occasion and taking account every wish.

Let the year of 2015 be a year of great discoveries, say ‘Hello’ to Dubrovnik!


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Pulling on the winter boots?

It is time of the year when many of us feel the pressure to run around looking for presents. Sometimes it becomes a real challenge to find suitable gifts for our beloved ones, yet trying shows how much we truly care. Now there are also those, who instead of buying presents decide to wrap a trip around the Christmas tree and travel to a new destination to celebrate Christmas and New Year as a joyful and memorable holiday.

Christmas time in Dubrovnik

Swinging bells and angels are illuminating along the streets, decorations are set up on Mediterranean trees and Old Town gracefully glows in the evenings as the Adriatic reflects sparkles on its calm surface – it is difficult not to notice, it’s Christmas time. Dubrovnik is quiet during winter season, yet Christmas brings life to the town in a special way. Presenting mild temperatures, visitors may enjoy the winter festival in a warm ambience. For those who insist on snow and ice, for  the first time an ice skating rink has been set up in Old Town harbour, where snow (almost real) would eventually fall. Also each year the Konavle region presents a series of programs in a few day length Christmas festival –introducing delicate local dishes, wines and a great atmosphere, this event should not be missed.

Winter Festival 2014

Hedera-Estate has prepared for winter season offering holiday packages at beautiful and convenient locations. Hedera A31 situated in the heart of Old own just one minute walk from main street Stradun is an ideal nest for two people. While the combination of Hedera A31 and the neighbouring apartment spacious Hedera A5, could be the perfect Christmas holiday option for a large family. Apartments Hedera S7 and Hedera A4 overlooking beautiful Uvala Lapad are both enjoying an attractive location, being 15 minutes walking distance from Dubrovnik Palace Hotel which offers one of the nicest wellness & spa centre in the region.

Fireworks at New Year’s Eve

The last days of 2014 should bring plenty of entertainment. Live concerts by local musicians are scheduled to be held on Stradun, and famous Estrada singer Severina should perform at night club Revelin on New Year’s Eve. For those who would like to enjoy the winter holidays with a pleasant sea breeze by the Adriatic offering a variety of programs, Dubrovnik presents an interesting option. Come and see how one of the most popular summer destination pulls on the winter boots and creates a bit of magic for everyone.

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Love is in the air

When love is in the air and the partner of your life seems seriously committed, the next step in a relationship is often followed by planning the “big day”. If given any options, how would you imagine your wedding?

A day of great joy and celebration showing your love and entitlement in front of God and in front of all the family and friends should be a truly unforgettable experience. Unforgettable should be the location, the ceremony, the decoration, food, music…after all it is the day that should be remembered forever.

In front of Rector's Palace - Old Town
In front of Rector’s Palace – Old Town

In the recent past Dubrovnik has proven to be a perfect location for many weddings. The Old Town presents an extraordinary scenery with its ancient stone walls and historical monuments, while its churches, especially the Cathedral and St. Blaze’s Church give a romantic and intimate atmosphere that no doubt will exceed any best wishes.

At Hedera Estate we have noticed that there has been a growing interest in booking properties for wedding guests. Planning a wedding in a new and unknown location–as exciting it might seem—comes with many challenges. One of the crucial points is finding the right accommodations where all beloved ones could easily interact with each other.


In 2013 and 2014 Villa Hedera was used as the “Bridal house” several times, while the surrounding properties Hedera A1, Hedera Studio 1, Studio 9, Hedera A26 and Villa Hedera II were hosting the rest of the wedding team. Many visitors found the Villa’s location just ideal, being near to Old Town but at the same time enjoying a relaxing environment with its large green garden and swimming pool. In the past summer season we also had the pleasure of welcoming brides, grooms and their families in Hedera A8 and Hedera A9 apartments, which being located in the same house, allowed easy social interaction between two groups of visitors. These two apartments with their breathtaking view to Old Town have mesmerized not only newlywed couples but honeymooners as well.

If you are ready to say “I Do” in a truly amazing location, Dubrovnik is the right choice for you. Let the Hedera Estate team organize quality accommodations according to your wishes, so that your “big day” would turn into a memorable “big stay” in one of Croatia’s prettiest towns.

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Summary until September

Hello from the Hedera Estate staff!

The season is coming to its end so we wanted to inform you on the result.

Comparing to last seasons the total number of guests is a bit lower than expected. However we are satisfied  having some of our guests back to the same properties for the second and even third time.

Hedera Estate is a small company but our villas and apartments are the best in the Dubrovnik area.

We invite you to come to Dubrovnik, one of the most popular destionations and stay with us.

We’ll do our best  to make your stay pleasant and unforgettable.

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