Valbandon is a town of 1.626 inhabitants, near Fažana, about fifteen minutes by car from Pula. Its long, sandy beach makes it ideal for families with small children, while the vicinity of Pula, the largest Istrian city, is another positive factor. The place has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Although there used to be a fish factory at the beginning of the 20th century, it was closed because of the low profits, and the town switched to tourism as their main source of income. Well-equipped private accommodation is there for you.

The Municipality of Medulin provides the bus routes within its territory free of charge

The Municipality of Medulin has announced the new, free bus connection of all the places within its territory, starting on the first work Monday in April 2017.

The service will be provided in cooperation with the road service company FILS Ltd. from Banjole, based on 1 round trip (three times a week, every work Monday/Wednesday/Friday) by minibus (15 seats), according to this schedule:

Time Time
08:15 PJEŠČANA UVALA  (bus stop) 12:27
08:17 VINTIJAN 12:25
08:21 VALBONAŠA (bus stop by OPG Peršić)

VALBONAŠA (the bus stop before the turn for Kaštijun)

08:25 VINKURAN (Butiga bus stop) 12:19
BANJOLE – bus stops:
08:30 Kaštanjež 12:15
08:32 Indije 12:13
08:33 Cintinera 12:11
08:34 Glavica 12:09
08:38 Škola 12:07
08:45 PREMANTURA (the Clocktower bus stop) 12:00
08:52 POMER (The Well) 11:43
09:02 MEDULIN (The Municipality) 11:33
09:05 MEDULIN (Lidl) 11:30