Located in the region of Lika, the Velebit is the longest mountain range in Croatia, and in the Dinaric Alps as well. Its high, magnificent mountains, lush woods, diverse and endemic wildlife and unique geological formations make it perfect for hikers. The whole range is a nature park, while some of its parts are made national parks, strict reserves and nature monuments, which all shows its significance. However, hikers are advised not to go there on their own and/or uninformed because of some dangerous terrain, mined areas, scarce accommodation and strict environmental regulations (for example, pitching a tent and making fire are forbidden in most of the Velebit). For those interested in trekking it, the Velebit hiking trail is designed (Croatian: Velebitski planinarski put, VPP). The 100-kilometer (60-mile) trail covers the best the mountain range has to offer, and is divided into nine parts, each of which takes a day. Since it is also near both the Zagreb region and the coast, the Velebit is worth visiting for anyone interested in Croatia.