Vis is a remote, but beautiful island in Central Dalmatia. The distance from the mainland is 45 km (28 mi), making the island isolated and exposed to stronger winds than other Dalmatian islands. However, it also used to have a great strategic value due to its location, serving as a military port. The two largest towns are Vis and Komiža, the former (and the whole island) deriving its name from the Ancient Greek colony of Issa. It is famous for its fish industry and excellent wine, as well as for the breath-taking wonders of nature, such as the Stiniva cove and Modra špilja (the Blue Cave) on the nearby isle of Biševo. The island has recently also gained publicity as a place where Mamma Mia 2 is being filmed. There are ferry, catamaran and air route to Split and the ferry line to Ancona, Italy, during summer months.