Zadar is the largest city in the north of Dalmatia, with about 75,000 people. Founded by Romans as Iadera, it used to be the centre of the region under the Venetian rule. The remains of the Roman forum are preserved, and there are many monumental churches, St. Donatus’ church being the most famous of them. All those are parts of the old town – make sure you don’t miss the absolutely delicious coffee and ice cream sundaes there, the remains of the strong historic Italian influence. Maraschino, a spirit made of sour cherries, is a symbol of the city, a well-known souvenir, and a perfect gift. However, the most interesting Zadar’s sight is the unique Sea Organ, a complex set of tubes under a marble pier, which produce sound with the help of waves. The sounds are always random, just like the sea which articulates them. Finally, after a long day of sightseeing, go to the coast and enjoy the famous Zadar sunset, which Alfred Hitchcock called “the most beautiful in the world.” He must have stayed for only a day, because if he had watched that sunset more than once, he would have stopped making such dark, depressing movies! There are many coastal and island tourist resorts in the Zadar area, and the island of Pag, where the world-known Zrće is located, is also nearby – another reason to visit Zadar.